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Lizzie asks…

Choosing tattoo artist, help Plz!!!?

I’ve looked through both there portfolios countless amount of times I find both of there work amazing and I can’t chose which one, and they both work at the same shop, I would be pleased with either but how do I chose? Thanks :)

Vanessa answers:

Find the tattooist that you personally like. I love my tattooist because we get along so well.

John asks…

Tough choice: Re-piercing or another tattoo?

I’m considering a third tattoo.

On the other hand I want to re-pierce my tongue (had it pierced before and really miss it!)

I’m having a hard time choosing between the two. Both will cost quite a bit, and I suppose I could could have one done and then the other at a later stage. Question is, which would you choose?

Tattoos are permanent, while piercings aren’t. Though I really love the tat I picked out. Just need to ask the artist’s opinion on the location (wrist) because I have superficial arteries.

Reason for removing the tongue piercing in the first place was pressure from the parents, and in a moment of insanity I took it out and about half an hour later I felt extreme regret but it was already too late… I came across the container with all my barbells and I made up my mind that I definitely want to have my tongue pierced again. But……..The tattoo will resemble a significant change in my life. Why is it so hard? Reading it again maybe I should do the piercing and then save up for the tat. Opinions? What would YOU do?
How many tattoos are too many? I don’t plan on getting more than 3. If and when I have this one done it will be my last one. Because not only will the tattoo itself have significant meaning, but it will also symbolize the closing of a dark chapter of my life. Think I can have both done on the same day? :-P The parlour has a qualified piercer too (though I’d rather go back to the original place). Heard rumours they moved though. Either way, I’m still undecided. But leaning more towards the piercing. Took it out about a year ago. Got my first tattoo in 2007. Second tattoo last year.

Vanessa answers:

Go with the toungue piercing. You shouldn’t have too many tattoos and a tongue peircing is cool.

Paul asks…

A question about choosing tattoo/piercing shops?

I’ve wanted my lip pierced for forever and I finally convinced my mom to let me get it done. I’m going to go with my friend who is also getting her lip pierced.
However, she wants to go to a smaller one that I’ve never even heard of before. They are closer to where we live and probably have cheaper prices, but it’s just that I’ve wanted to go to a different one. The one I wanted to go to is very well-known and was rated the best in the area.
I don’t mind going to the smaller one at all, I’m just scared that they aren’t as experienced and that I might end up with an infection or something.
I’m not sure if I should go to that one or not? or maybe I just need some reassurance? thanks

Vanessa answers:

Go into the smaller shop, talk to the people and look around. If you think it’s clean enough, and the people seem trustworthy and knowledgeable, you should have no fear in going there. But if you are at all uncomfortable, go to the other place.

Thomas asks…

How do you choose a tattoo with meaning?

I keep changing my mind. I know the first tattoo but the second I don’t :/ and I want the second one to have a deep, personel meaning like the first.

Vanessa answers:

We don’t know what has great personal meaning to you. If you do want tattoos only with great personal meaning, then you will often have to wait until something happens that you want to memorialize in ink.

But if nothing is popping into mind, get a notebook and jot down everything that has great personal meaning to you. Then rate each item on a scale from 1-10.

Ken asks…

How did you choose your tattoo?

For my next birthday (15th) Im getting a tattoo. This is something I’ve wanted since I was at least 6 years old. I dont want to make the mistake of getting something I’ll regret, because I’ll have it forever! I really am interested in tattooing because I think its art, and your body is the canvas. I have lots of tattoo ideas that have MUCH meaning to me, and that are decreet (i.e. wont look unprofessional.) I really just can’t decide which one to get that my family will approve of. So I’d Like to know how other choose?

Some ideas i have is some kind of tattoo honoring my best friend, a tattoo signifying my new founded faith in jesus, after i nearly attempted suicide, and then went through rehab to get healthy again,and to represent the strength of heart he gave me to get through it. although im thinking about one honoring my idol, John Lennon.

Serious inquires only please! thanks for the help!
oh, btw, i have permission from my parents. im a good kid! lol, and they know how much i want this

Vanessa answers:

I can well appreciate your eager anticipation for your tattoo. I got my first one last October, I waited until i was 24, and had wanted one since i was 14. It was a long time coming.

It sounds as if you’ve educated yourself quite a bit about tattooing, and that you’ve put some serious thought and consideration both into placement and what you’re going to get. Make sure that the tattoo studio you’re going to does not have an age requirement. Many around my area will not let you get tattooed if you’re under 18 on your own, and require an age of 16 with parent consent. So, make sure you check that out.

The first tattoo i got is portions of van gogh’s starry night inside of 10 stars in a formation…and the second one i got are mirror images of two dragons that look like they’re made of stone. Obviously i had a long time to decide what i wanted, but i chose because they both mean something. I chose the starry night because i’ve loved the painting since i was small, the epic largeness of the sky, the use of colors, it represents a certain spirituality to me. As for the dragons, i’ve always loved how powerful they are, and how they have that one legendary spot of vulnerability-only one place they can be hurt…and i identify with that. For me, it’s my family. -smiles-

It sounds as if you’ve got some good options there, and they all mean something to you, so that is good as well. Whatever you pick, go with where your heart lies, it’ll never steer you wrong.

Good luck!

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