Your Questions About The Best Shoulder Tattoos Designs

Daniel asks…

wheres the best place to get a tattoo?

i read somewhere that if you decide on a design and a place and still want it after 2 years you will be a lot less likely to not like it later in life. i was thinking my ankle or shoulder but where would the best place be?
i meant i dont want to hate it when im older, not i might get rid of it.

Vanessa answers:

Well, that all depends, do you want it somewhere that it can be hidden? That isn’t gonna stretch? That will/won’t show in a wedding dress( provided you aren’t married) …. I would say your ankle/top of foot or your shoulder(if you don’t mind it showing in a wedding dress/tank top) or, i got mine like right on my hip bone..

Steven asks…

Wheres the best place to have my new tattoo?

I’m getting my second tattoo done sometime in the near future and I’m not entirely sure where to get it.
I already have bat wings on my shoulder blades so i cant really have my tattoo in that general area.

My new tattoo is designed by me and is in memorial for my children.


I cant have it anywhere too reveling because i have to be able to cover it up for work.

Any Ideas where i could get it?
thanks xx
It says Noah, Nathaniel, Autumn :]

Vanessa answers:

On your lower back. No one can see it unless you show them!

Maria asks…

What kind of tattoo would look best?

My other question got deleted. Let’s try again…

I am pretty small. I have reddish hair and light skin with some freckles on my face and shoulders.
I think I want a tattoo on my side/ribcage, shoulder blades, or whole back. I want something unique.
What location, designs and colors do you think would look good on me?
I know that in the end it’s my choice, but I just want some opinions.
Thanks :)
I think I want it to be kind of feminine.
And please, no tramp stamps.

Vanessa answers:

Flowers, or sayings. I am thinking about getting tattoos or tattoo on my feet, ankle, shoulder blade, or back, and maybe hip or love handle. I think you should get it on you side, or shoulder blades.

I also like butterflies there are some really pretty ones on internet.

My last question i asked got deleted to! So annoying!

Chris asks…

Best place on body to get a tattoo?

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for awhile, but cannot decide where on my body to get it. I work in a professional setting, so it would be small and in a place that would be easily covered. I have been thinking back of my shoulder, inside of my ankle, or on my hip. I also have a very low tolerance for pain.

My brother is a wonderful sketch artist and helped me create the design. It has personal meaning to me and I love the way it turned out. Can tattoo artists use one’s own design?
I don’t need it to be covered all the time – just at work. So if it shows when I’m in a bikini or something, it doesn’t matter.

Vanessa answers:

On your butt.

When you get a tattoo you should consider not getting hurt cause if you have to go to the ER and have surgery on an area with a tattoo they cant due to infection risks.
So the butt, you can injure that and if you have to have surgery on the tail bone, they go through the side.

Mark asks…

Timing of Tattoo [Personal Question]?

I’m planning on getting a tattoo this year, on my upper-left shoulder blade, and I have the design planned out.
I’m only wondering if there’s any specific time period or season that is the best for a healing tattoo. I would adore getting it earlier, but as my graduation is coming up in late June, I would also like to have it after.

Basically, my question is: would it be better for me to get in the winter/early spring, or summer? Is it an annoyance to have large itchy layers on a healing tattoo? Or is it a pain to not be able to do much swimming during the summer?

Thank you. :D

Vanessa answers:

Just a little FYI for your healing process. Do a dry heal. Don’t put any ointment on it, just wash it with antibacterial soap and water. It will heal faster and better with a dry heal. When you put all that gloop on it as a lot of people do it makes the tattoo dependent on it, and it will make the healing process longer. Plus it can fade the color. I only dry heal and all 21 of my tattoos are still vibrant…some are 7 years old and I have never had a touch up. Good luck!!

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