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Charles asks…

Do zombies feel pain? Do they think, or run on instinct?

I’m doing a project in my Web Design II class–you have to create a fictional business and make a website for it. My friend is doing a sort of Zombie Humane Society, where she adopts out zombies, and I’m doing a business called Collar My Zombie!; I sell control collars for the zombie owners so they don’t get eaten.
I’m doing a little research on zombie physiology, if you will, to see what would be the best method of control for a zombie. Fluid? Microchip implant? Tattoo of some sort?
Anyway, I just wanted to know if they felt pain (Design #1 could be a little inhumane if so) and if they actually thought (Design #2 could be a microchip that controls brainwaves somehow if so).

tl;dr: Answer the questions please :)

Vanessa answers:

I love you.
Well considering they are technically dead, the fluid could be injected somehow and would probably stay in their system, the microchip could control them probably the best, but i would guess it would be extremely expensive unless we all could afford it if this took place in the future and Zombie adoptions were high on the list of common purchases. I don’t know how the tattoo would work… But who cares I’ve given you enough.

Carol asks…


so heres the tattoo

i want to get it on my leg and its probably going to be around 8-10 centimetres
same design and same colours
the place i am going to the store minimum is 60$
p.s i don’t care what you think of it all i need is a rough estimate.

Vanessa answers:

You say you want a rough estimate, okay here is my estimate $180-$300.

William asks…

More input needed on this design. Thoughts?

So, i’m working on a zombie style tattoo that needs some feedback/constructive criticism.
Her it is.

Obivously, the background won’t be so flat. Juggling with the idea of either a graveyard background or dystopian cityscape.
Please, let me know what you thing and what you’d do to improve it.
@Baby Pie Tattoo; it’s going to be a sleeve/half sleeve most likely. Still all up in the air about it. I’m in no rush to get it.

Vanessa answers:

Haha i love this.
Please tell me you’re coming to DC to get it.
What i would do is add a littel detail and dimension to it – normally some kind of perspective helps , instead of the horizontal view make it look like there’s a winding path in the background or something, or an old castle, or more graveyards, a moon, bats – anything really. Maybe some arms and legs sticking out of the graves, some silly looking skulls.
I’d also make the two center zombies (in case you decide to add more) a little bigger and again, more detail.
Maybe thinner outline, it’s kind of taking over the entire thing.

Mandy asks…

My son is dressing up as a zombie?

tonight…… He has a mask that is half down his face but I want to paint the other half but don’t know how to design it. He has some tattoos that is slashes and stitches and stuff but what colour can I do underneath the masks like his eyes etc?

cheers both he is a BIG fan of Shaun of the dead so he wants to look like a zombie from that. His favourite line is “eugh he’s got an arm off.” so he wants to make his arm loook gory.

Vanessa answers:

Black eye rings will be good.all u have to do is imagine how a dead guy look like and that will be him.look at the zombie makeup they are bluish pale and scary.enjoy and careful nobody shoot your son if is too real lol

Nancy asks…

Need Feedback on this design. ~ obligatory questionmark?

I’m working on a cartoon zombie for my next tattoo. so far i have this.

I feel it’s missing something. Please, any feedback is welcome.
How’s this?

Moved the arm to show the face and changed the shading to suit the shadow. What do you all think?

Vanessa answers:

Awww its cute(srlsy)
maybe a hole on the head with a little bit of the brain peeking through?
You can try different things that you get as suggestions and see which you like the best
i think it looks fine the way it is though

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