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Helen asks…

Tattoo design ? Something religious with a wolf?

I’m getting my first tattoo and finally decided that i want something religious but also that has a wolf in it. I cant think of how to put the two together. Any idea’s?

Vanessa answers:

Here you go!
The Wolf of Gubbio:
There was a wolf that was hungry and terrorizing the town, and St. Francis of Assisi tamed the wolf:
“The wolf, having seen the group approach, rushed at Francis with its jaws open. Again Francis made the sign of the Cross and commanded the wolf to cease its attacks in the name of God, at which point the wolf trotted up to him docilely and lay at his feet, putting its head in his hands. The Fioretti then describes word-for-word his dealings with the wolf:

“Brother wolf, thou hast done much evil in this land, destroying and killing the creatures of God without his permission; yea, not animals only hast thou destroyed, but thou hast even dared to devour men, made after the image of God; for which thing thou art worthy of being hanged like a robber and a murderer. All men cry out against thee, the dogs pursue thee, and all the inhabitants of this city are thy enemies; but I will make peace between them and thee, O brother wolf, is so be thou no more offend them, and they shall forgive thee all thy past offences, and neither men nor dogs shall pursue thee any more.”

The wolf bowed its head and submitted to Francis, completely at his mercy.

“As thou art willing to make this peace, I promise thee that thou shalt be fed every day by the inhabitants of this land so long as thou shalt live among them; thou shalt no longer suffer hunger, as it is hunger which has made thee do so much evil; but if I obtain all this for thee, thou must promise, on thy side, never again to attack any animal or any human being; dost thou make this promise?”

In agreement, the wolf placed one of its forepaws in Francis’ outstretched hand, and the oath was made. Francis then commanded the wolf to return with him to Gubbio.”

Here is a woodcut of the meeting between St. Francis and the wolf:

and here is another:

So, take this story, and have your tattoo artist of choice either use the old woodcut print(s) or have him draw up a new picture of the wolf and St. Francis. You can take any references that you want for the images of St. Francis and the wolf, and have it be a custom design.


Robert asks…


Hi guys im wondering how much you think this tattoo would cost based on experience, I would prefer if u cud tell me Estimate cost + how many hours! Everytin about same size as in photo.

Vanessa answers:

If you just want the gray/black shading then it shouldn’t take anymore than 90mins. Now cost is a different story. That would depend on your area, the reputation of the artist (if he/she is a recognized name then it will cost more), and your relationship with the artist. If I had to estimate the area I am in I would say no more than $150-200 but that’s where I am. Also, the writing should be “God Understands Me” so it’s misspelled

David asks…

What does this picture mean, and where does it come from?

I found this picture while browsing some tattoo websites and I’m really interested in the meaning behind it. If anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Vanessa answers:

Looks VERY illuminating.

Notice the pyramid on the reaper’s neck less…The all seeing eye,in the center of the pyramid

This is the Illuminati, symbolization…The Illuminati controls the filth,in society…

Maria asks…

How much would this Tattoo cost?

How much do you think this Tattoo would cost, exactly how it is, just without the writing of “TRUTH”at the bottom?

same colors, same design, exactly the same, how much?

Vanessa answers:

Dont steal someones tattoo design. At least customize it and make it your own.

But anyways, at my local shop it would cost about $200-350 since its pretty detailed.

Answer mine? Thanks! =);_ylt=Auz7vCeGxyKtQeNQRZh7Oo7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080615184412AAB0tmv

Chris asks…

Tattoo design help/advice?

Im thinking about getting a tattoo and the idea i have is “carmen ohio” the alma mater for the ohio state university (I’m gonna be a freshman this year) Buckeye football has always been my life and I’m a life long fan. I was thinking about getting it in the shape of the block O (their logo). What do you guys think? any advice you’d give? Kinda something like this, except an O lol

Vanessa answers:

Just get the school logo.

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