Your Questions About Tattoo Designs Of Women

Thomas asks…

can anyone think of tattoo designs that will let women know i am freak?

Vanessa answers:

Tattoo the word “freak” across your forehead

Laura asks…

Where, on a women’s body would a tattoo be appropriate and yet stylish?

I am aware of the hundreds of thousands of different designs, and as a side question,whay could be appropriate?

Vanessa answers:

A rose on the ankle is classic.

John asks…

Women with tattoo’s…?

Do they make you feel more impowered? I’m thinking of getting a large (meaningfull) design on my back and was wondering if it will make me feel any different about myself. I know everyone’s an individual so just wanting to know if other women out there have tattoo‘s that make them feel different.

thanks :)

Vanessa answers:

I have a full chest piece, it’s impossible not to notice unless I’m wearing a turtleneck, or an under shirt. Not that I do that often, as I love to show it off.

It boosts my confidence. It’s an attractive, meaningful design. It draws attention, and I personally love being questioned about my tattoos. It does make me feel empowered. By flaunting it, I kind of feel like I’m saying “Hey, guys? That whole era of women being sheepish little girls? It’s over.” It’s like I walk around wearing a beautiful piece of art. Who wouldn’t get a confidence boost from that?

I like the stigma people put on me. I like when elderly women shoot me dirty looks out of the corners of their eyes. I knew what I was signing up for when I sat down to get it, and I handle it very well.

All that being said. If I had some little cherries on my hip, or a frog, or butterfly, I would feel stupid. Not empowered in the least. I don’t like the idea that people have that there are ‘women’ tattoos, and ‘men’ tattoos. People think women should have colorful, cute tattoos, and men are supposed to have skulls and dragons. It’s sad.

Do what you want, and enjoy however a tattoo will make you feel. Best of luck with your ink(:

Mark asks…

What do you think about women with back tattoos?

i’m thinking of a beautiful design to put on my back in like, a few years. i’m still young now, so it would be a while off. its in color, and its the most beautiful painting i’ve ever seen. then i would hide other things in the painting, like quotes and stuff. what do you think? too over the top? its just an idea i had.
yes, i would get this along with the anklet tattoo. i’ve given this less thought, and it would cost more, so i’ll probably wait to get this one

Vanessa answers:

I have one on my lower back and I’m not skanky so stop with the tattoo generalizations. And to answer your question, if you find something you like and stick with it for a few years, then it’s not just a fad type of decision. It’s obviously something you really want, so go for it. No regrets! :)

Nancy asks…

I want to get a tattoo of a pregnant woman and need a stencil / design.?

My wife is pregnant with our first little girl and I want to get a tattoo of a pregnant woman in her honor. I am looking for some designs or stencils to use as an example. I want something to show her when I ask her if I can do this. Any suggestions?
Yeah, but if so many people get them why can’t I find ANY examples online? I really like the pregnant pin up idea too, but I want to show her a pic (of a design, not a real person) before I take her to a shop.
I agree that I don’t need a picture to have it done, I just know that I will have to “sell” my wife on the idea and if I have a great stencil to show her I think that will help me case.

Vanessa answers:

I agree. I couldn’t find much either. Here’s one, the closest I found to a real pregnant pin up girl tattoo…..?Not quite though…I think she is just big…


But I found some nice outlines…I’m not sure if you wanted to just do an outline or not…but I found some of these….


For just a silhouette this one is nice…


These are some different posses. :D

And if that idea doesn’t sell…this is nice too. I just thought it was another option…Although I LOVE your idea. :D

~Good luck. :D

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