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Carol asks…

Come help me plan my tattoo, need many ideas!?

I just turned 18 years old (I’m a male) and I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of the names of my three sisters who passed away. Their names are all four letters long (I thought that maybe necessary for a design idea). First of all, what are some ideas for designs? Such as, should I simply get their names our have them incorporated into a picture? Also, where on my body should I get it? I was thinking on the higher part of one of my shoulder blades, like having their names resting on top of each other kind of like a list.

Let me know what you think. Thanks

Vanessa answers:

I know you’re probably looking for an answer right this second but a lot of tattoo places will design something for you or give you ideas. You could call or email them and tell them your story and why you want this tattoo and a few other important aspects and they will create a few things. And sorry about your losses. Good luck!

Paul asks…

Any ideas for a Vassilis Paleokostas tattoo? (where and what)?

For those of you who don’t know Vassilis Paleokostas: he is a well-known Greek criminal who managed to escape from prison twice (one instance recently). Most of the money that he stole from banks did he give to people from his home region.

Please don’t ask me why I want to do this because I will not answer. Do not criticize me for getting a tattoo associated with a person who some consider to be a criminal. My reasons are personal.

Now, to some details. Currently my favorite choice is the name tattooed in greek letters on the upper sides of my legs. I’m unsure about getting me a picture of his face because the details will fade away relatively quickly I’m afraid.

If anyone has any ideas on the design of the tattoo and / or position of the tattoo, please let me know.
By the way: I am male. And, I already have a tattoo of a greek person who has been important to me.
Don’t just mentioin a few places where I should place it but give me a reason why. For example, a tattoo of a falcon would look nice on the back, across your shoulders, because it looks symmetrical or for other reasons. But if you simply say “put the name on one of your hands”, that don’t help me.

Vanessa answers:

You could do the name like it is coming out of a wall and the wall is crumbling around it. Personally for me its the story that makes the tattoo. This sounds like it would have a good story to it!

Susan asks…

Any ideas for tattoo?

Alright!So the tattoo is for MY COUSIN(not me)and he has just asked me to design the tattoo for him.The only problem>His description for it is seriously vague! He wants it to be on his chest. Its suppose to be have his son’s sons name across it and its suppose to be “sexy”(his words not mine:P)Anyway the descrption is really vaque as I said, so I have no idea how to do this…Anyway my first thoughts were to draw my lil cousins face and hands then just below that put some letter blocks that spell out his name and make it look like he’s playing with them….BUT thats not sexy.:( Its just cute. So anyone have any ideas on this sorta thing?Ill be truly grateful!:)

Vanessa answers:

If someone came to me with this description and wanted it sexy, I would design it only around his son’s name as asked. What a tattoo artist would do would be to create a font (if you will) and with it use some type of flow with scrolling/swirling coming off and around the lettering with sophisticated shadowing. Simple elegance is sexy!

Jenny asks…

Anyone have any good ideas for adding on to my current tattoo?

About 4 months ago I got a crown tattoo with the letter R coming out of it for Ryan.
Ryan means little king. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of what I can add to it. I don’t wanna just have random ink all over me. So I kinda wanna work with the crown idea/ theme. It’s on my inner right forearm & ideally I’d like to have more designs attached to it. The problem is I have none. Before I go to my tattoo artist, I wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas as to what would go with it. A few of my friends suggested I do a medieval theme. Any ideas? Thanks!

P.s. I kinda wanna do a half sleeve type deal

Vanessa answers:

A crown and an R — how clever.

Maybe you can add four stars and make yourself a general.
There’s always the doctor insignia.
I mean — did you somehow really earn that crown?

Charles asks…

looking for matching tattoo ideas or quotes?(i know i keep asking this, i need ideas!)?

okay so me and my best friend are getting tattoos. known her all my life! we were planning on getting matching tattoos(don’t say what if you don’t stay friends)
okay a little info to help i guess, uhm we are both artists and wanted to design it ourselves, but we can’t think of anything, we need a starting point. someone ansered on my other question to get something personal, like where we hang out or something like that. but the problem with that is that i moved away in 2002 and we would write letters all the time! but never hang out alot ): the we would do phone calls and then text and now facebook all the time but we still never really get to see eachother and that is why this is so hard for us.
another idea we had was to find a quote that can be slpit so i get one half and she gets the other, like this”
example “life is a song, love is the lyrics” i would get the “life is a song” and she would get “love is the lyrics” but we don’t want that quote lol. or a two word quote like “forever young” same thing i would get forever and she would get young.
so if anyone can help, please do lol. nothing stupid! and thanks! :D

Vanessa answers:

My friend got a tattoo for me that’s two birds with a heart in between, you could do something like that.
Or my boyfriend and I are getting puzzle pieces that fit together on our hearts. That would be really cute because she lives further from you, and it’s like no matter how far she’ still a piece of you.

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