Your Questions About Tattoo Designs Kids

William asks…

Give me the best tattoo designs?

Tattoo is the one which attracts everyone…Kids like it too….Give me the best designs

Vanessa answers:

Tatoos are somethin that expresses your character.. Just choose the right one that suits your attitude..And also try to be unique..
For your reference i have suggested you some websites where you can grab your desired…And my wishes for your new style!!!!!

Michael asks…

Will my eczema be a problem in getting a tattoo?

I have had eczema ever since i can remember, and it was horrible when I was a kid. However, since i moved to Florida I’ve hardly had a break out in 4 years. Now, i have this awesome tattoo designed and ready to go. I was just wondering if my eczema is going to cause any side-effects and possible infection when i get the tattoo?

Vanessa answers:

I don’t think its going to cause any side effect or infection when you get it. But keep in mind i hope you’re getting a tattoo in a place where your eczema doesn’t break out.

Hoped i helped.
♥ kaye

Lisa asks…

Can You Help Me With A Tattoo Design?

I want to get a tattoo and really thought well about getting one ever since I was a kid but its getting challenging to pick a design so Can You Please Help Me? (I do not want anything Religious). And also I do not want to cover my whole arm with tattoos. and what do rappers put for some reason I like that but again do not want to cover my body with tattoos please Help?
I do not care for the price or the pain … pain is like weakness being released from the body the way I see it.

Vanessa answers:

I think you should better try some temporary tattoo design website like , , & & many more.. You’ll surely get some nice designs for urself.
Enjoy :-)

Steven asks…

What happened to having a concept tattoo?

I get on here and I see all these young kids who are looking into getting tattoos and they want help looking for a design and all that crap. What happened to when people had purposes or stories for tattoos. Back when they meant something. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge tattoo fan, I have quiet a few. But they all have meaning to me. Does anyone else agree with me?

I welcome all opinions.
Im only 20 btw

Vanessa answers:

People are far too lazy to think for themselves. They want what the media feeds them. If Miami ink shows a Koi on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I’ll get 10 phone calls asking how much for one.

George asks…

Can I give myself a tattoo WITHOUT a needle involved?

I’ve been hearing from several kids that you can give yourself a semi-permanent tattoo just by repeatedly drawing a design on your skin with a permanent marker. I was told it takes a LONG time, But comes out nicely. Im not sure if this is just a bunch of hoop blah or if its worth my time. I don’t want to sit there for ages, Drawing something on my skin for nothing.

Vanessa answers:

No you can’t give yourself a tattoo without a needle.

Skin is always renewing itself naturally causing old skin cells to die and shed off which are then replaced with new skin cells, meaning anything on the surface of the skin will eventually fade away with the loss of these skin cells

Tattoos are inserted using the tattoo gun into the Dermis layer (the Epidermis is the top thin layer)

As tattooists use a needle to insert the ink into the Dermis, these cells do not shed the dead cells like the epidermis does meaning the ink will not be shed off.

When the ink is inserted into the dermis,this triggers an immune responses and the body sees that the tattoo ink is a foreign object and is potentially danegerous, in response to this, Tattoo ink is trapped in the dermis in by fibroblast cells and collagen keeping the design and the ink in place perminantly.

Henna is a good way of giving yourself a semi-perminant tattoo though, but make sure you do a skin test first because some people can have nasty reactions to them! My sister in law had one and the area she had it blistered horribly due to an allergic reaction.

Oh yeah – Tattoo ink is specialist ink, so I wouldn’t recommend using normal pen ink as it won’t be good for your body.

Hope this helps


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