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William asks…

Karma Tattoo design ideas?

I am pretty big into Karma. Any tattoo designs you know of? I can’t find anything I like. Pics a must! THANKS!
OH – and I don’t just want a symbol. I would REALLY love something with a butterffly incorperated into it.

Best tat design gets best answer! :)

Vanessa answers:

Well if you are ‘big’ into Karma, here is an image that would look very good with some size to do the detail justice. You can easily put a butterfly in it also! :

[this isn't really a tattoo idea, but I ran into this and thought that you may get a kick out of it:]
this is kinda cool, there is a Pansy (flower) called the’Karma Blue Butterfly:

Oh, this is pretty, and would make a delicate tattoo relating to Karma (and blue butterflies) – Butterflies are great symbols of Karma, since they are ‘reborn’ – This is the Palos Verdes blue butterfly – and was thought to be extinct and was spotted in 1994 and was considered a miracle! No one had laid eyes on the tiny azure lepidoptera in over a decade.They are considered one of the rarest butterflies in the United States. Here are a pair of newly emerged, perching on Deerweed:

I gotta say, I like that one!

Here are some Karma quotes:
My karma ran over your dogma. ~Author Unknown
There is no fate but your own fate. ~Leslie Grimutter
~ How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~
share this Karma saying Wayne Dyer
~ As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma. ~
share this Karma saying Sri Guru Granth Sahib
ahhhh,.. I’ll add this one – it is rather elaborate, but it does the trick:

good luck with whatever you land on for a tattoo~

Jenny asks…

karma design tattoos? i want a tattoo need some help?

anyone know any good pics or websites of the word karma wit some design wit it or somethin not the japanese sign thanksss.

Vanessa answers:

Don’t get it. You will regret it for the rest of your life. No matter what the tattoe looks like.

Even if its your kids name, DON’T DO IT.

Helen asks…

Karma Tattoo suggestions?

I want to get a tattoo, and while I’m not that into karma, I feel like a design incorporating Neutral Karma suits me. After all, I steal all the damn time, I think with my dick more than I should, but I also, not to sound conceited, try to help and relate to people as much as I can, as well as be a great friend, so I feel like I have a neutral karma, if any such thing exists.
I’d like to get a tattoo covering 50 percent of my back, little if any colour. Suggestions?

I’m a guy by the way, so I’d like it to be more masculine hahaha.

Vanessa answers:

Take the last few slabs out of this cartoon.


Joseph asks…

Karma tattoo?

I wanna get the word karma in arabic(currently learning the language), with flames(also has meaning to me) and flowers possibly lilies because they are beautiful and my favorite flower but lotus’s make more sense(karma and buddism). All this on my right leg from knee to ankle. fully colored how much would this cost and how do i go about getting the right design. any suggestions would be great.

positive answers only. I know this wont look great when im 80, no lectures please

Vanessa answers:

Write down the basics of what you want on a notepad and take your idea to your tattoo artist… They will work with you on the design and getting it to flow properly on the selected area of skin….

Your tattoo idea sounds like there could be huge possibilities on creativity and coloring….
There is no guessing on a price, only you and your artist can come up with that number…

Best of luck on it!! …and when you’re 80 you’ll still be proud of that tattoo.

Laura asks…

can someone design a tattoo for me using the pics below?

ok this is going to go on my stomach and i wasnted to see if anybody could design and take a picture of a tattoo using this

and also the word ‘Karma‘ in cursive writing
thank you so muchhhhhhhhh
thanks but i mean can someone actually draw this out fo rme and take a pic and send it

Vanessa answers:

A tattoo always seems like a good idea when you are young but it doesn’t look so good when you get older. My advice is to think carefully before you decide to get this done.

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