Your Questions About Tattoo Designs In Chinese Lettering

Donald asks…

How to come up with good meaningful tattoo ideas?

I’m in my mid twenties, when I was 16 I got my first tattoo, it was chinese letters. I don’t necessarily regret it because its not like something really stupid like an ex’s name but at the same time it just doesn’t have any meaning.

I went to a place with my gf at the time and she was going to buy a new belly button ring, a guy asked me if I knew what I wanted, I was so schoked someone woudl give me a tattoo with me being underage I just kind of picked the first thing I saw.

I only have one tattoo, I’d like to get another on my other shoulder but would like it to be more meaningful. How to come up with good ideas?

I’m Italian and my family is very into our heritage and that’s not something that’s going to change but I dont really have any design ideas? I’m also Catholic so that is another option. Wondering what else I could do. What other ideas of something meaningful and not just osmething just to get a tattoo.

Vanessa answers:

Hm, I would ask yourself what experiences you’ve had that have shaped you into the person you are today, or maybe even a current situation.

Or sometimes people get tattoos based on something they really value. So analyze your values and morals too. Then go from there :)

Hope I could help some! Don’t force anything though

Susan asks…

tattoo spot help! And design help!?

i have big chinese letters going down my spine but there is space in the “tramp stamp” area. i wanna be original and be a boy with a tramp stamp? any ideas of what i could put there that would look good with my existing one?

Vanessa answers:

Wow. Good luck with that…

So get a typical tramp stamp. Either roses or tribals do the trick.

Mary asks…

hi everyone! i’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo on my waistline…?

but i’m not sure about designs look good in that area.

i was thinking about getting my name in chinese letters but now i think i want something different, maybe a flower or a fairy.

anyone know any designs that look good? i’m not looking for anything too big! any ideas would be helpful, thanks! xx

Vanessa answers:

Well any type of bird would look aahh-mazing :) bc well it just goes it you have a good waist line :) any idea that kinda flows with your waist line it nice.

Charles asks…

I Need Chinese Calligraphy?!?

I want a new tattoo saying “All Forgiven” in Chinese symbols or letters. But i dont know how to do that! I would like to have the writing so i can design stuff around it. How can i get this translated in Chinese symbols or letters?!

Vanessa answers:

This is forgive in simplified – 原谅

and im pretty sure this is in traditional but defs in japanese –



Laura asks…

Help with my tatto design?

So I want to get a tattoo that says love lasts forever. But idk if I want it to just say that In cursive or have a design with it or have it written in Chinese letters. It’s going like right under my bikini line. It’s a matchin tattoo with my fiancé. But his is gonna be in Chinese. So any ideas on what I should do?

Vanessa answers:

Do NOT get chinese letters, they are so tacky. Why would those words be any more symbolic or meaningful in a language you cant read. Tell him not to get the chinese and to have it in a language you can both read. ‘Matching tattoos’ tend to need to match. So youd have to get what he does.

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