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Susan asks…

should i use color in my tattoo(pic)?

okay so in april i will be getting my first tattoo and its going to be a hummingbird on my shoulderblade. the design of the hummingbird that i have is very special to me and the reasons behind it are also special to me. its more of a sketch than anything and im trying to decide if it should stay just black so that it looks just like a sketch or to add color. im also afraid of the tattoo looking tacking if i add color. i dont know.
i need opinions, what do you think?

(note: the nose on the hummingbird will be about half the size that it is now)

Vanessa answers:

Always with a tattoo, if you are in doubt, .. Wait.
Do the sketch idea, live with it for a while, you can always color it in in a year or 20, .. There is no hurry.
Also, you can have the outline done, and then color it with marker (after it is completely healed of course), to see how you feel about it.
For that matter, you could draw it on with Sharpie to see how you feel about it as a sketch, before making any permanent decision.

If you do add color, you may want to add a flower and make the composition more complete. It won’t look tacky.


Helen asks…

Do hummingbirds like cheery blossoms?

I am asking this questions because i am designing my first tattoo and i would like a japanese cherry blossom branch with a hummingbird flying around it. but i would feel stupid having the hummingbird if they dont like japanese cherry blossoms.

Any help is apreciated!
what kind of butterflys do they attract? Or do any birds like them?

Vanessa answers:

Hummingbirds like any blossom that has nectar, which is most of them. It doesn’t have to be red, and it doesn’t have to be trumpet shaped. There are lots of tattoos, paintings, even ceramics that depict hummingbirds with cherry blossoms.

Charles asks…

How much will this tattoo cost?

looking to get a native american humming bird tattoo just wondering how much it would cost. Looking for something about 3-4 inches in diameter with around the same design/detail as these: …..thanx!!!

Vanessa answers:

A good artist won’t be cheap. A cheap artist won’t be good. You’ll get exactly the quality that you pay for.

Btw- are you Haida or Salish? That design belongs to a specific tribe you know. It isn’t generic “native american”.

George asks…

hummingbird tattoos? does anyone have any?

i really want one so bad but i need some good ideas on how to go about the design?
does anyone have any pics the post up for me?

Vanessa answers:

Have a look on some tattoo sites, just Google tattoo designs and loads will come up. You just then click on hummingbird designs and you should find what you’re looking for, on some sites you can buy the stencil to take to your tattooist. Or just go in to a tattooist and tell them what you want and any good tattooist will be able to find and do what you’re wanting, after all, they have access to every design around. Just because you can’t find it yourself, a good tattooist will be able to help you. And even design it themselves for you.

Richard asks…

I need ideas for a sleeve tattoo on my left arm?

Hi folks I got 3 tattoos on my left arm but im planning on inking the whole upper arm, im very into conservation, outdoors and listening to sublime on a sunday morning.

I got a pin up all the way down my upper arm, a tribal hummingbird on my inner upper arm and a USMC tattoo at the upper center.

Id really like it to look something to the idea of this:
see the images on the borders of the screen, well thats the idea.

to this moment im thinking of closing patches with some groovy flowers and big tropical like leaves. …any other ideas images would be greatly appreciated or designs…if i like your design ill ink it! promise
My ethnicity…well im white, my grandparents were german inmigrants that came to Honduras so here we are.

Vanessa answers:

What is your ethnicity?you could get some ideas for displaying your heritage,depending on what symbolizes you.

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