Your Questions About Tattoo Designs For The Back Of The Neck

Mark asks…

Should I get a neck tattoo or a wrist tattoo?

I’ve decided what I want, and I’ve drawn out a few designs, I just can’t decide where I want my tattoo! I’m going to get ‘Expecto Patronum’ (a charm from Harry Potter) but I can’t chose where.

I like the idea of having it on the back of my neck as it’s private and I can hide it if I like, but on the other hand I wouldn’t be able to see it myself without a mirror.

I also like the idea of having it on my wrist because I can easily hide it with a bracelet or a watch, and I can see it whenever I like. Plus since my tattoo will me small, it’s a good place for it.

What would you go for? Opinions? Also, out of interest, does anyone know which is more painful? Not that that will have anything to do with my final decision – I’d just like to know :) Thanks!

Vanessa answers:

If it’s some meaning to you then go for it. If it’s not any thing offensive and you can keep it covered then you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a job. I haven’t done any thing on the back of my neck. I have a small tattoo on the underside of my wrist, off to the side and it wasn’t too pain full. If it goes over the bones in the wrist then I have heard it can get pain full. Areas that have bones close to the skin can be sensitive to get tattooed.

Donna asks…

My friend designed a tattoo for me that is the equivalent of “douchebag” in Chinese, can I sue him?

I already had the tattoo done on the back of my neck. It was supposed to mean “big dog” which was my nickname in highschool.

Vanessa answers:

You could but you would have to have prove that you wanted it to say big dog like a pic of what big dog looks like in chinese or it written in paper that’s singed by your friend saying that he knew you wanted big dog and not doucebag.

Carol asks…

if i am having a tattoo designed for me…(i have a few questions!)?

I could not find anything that was exactly like I want so I am having one of my best friends who is an amazing artist take the ideas i want and combine them.
ok so my questions are:

+ How big should I have her draw it? Will they be able to shrink the design to fit on the back of my neck ( i want it small )

+ Will any tattoo artist be able to do a custom or will I have to find someone special?

+ Any personal stories of custom tattoos

+Thanks so much!

Vanessa answers:

Get it as big as possible. It’s easier to shrink an image then enlarge it.

If you want it on the back of your neck and really small, you will not be able to have much details into it.

I wanted a 1.5 inches tattoo and my tattoo artist explained to me that 3 inches was the minimum for the amount of details I want in. As the tattoo age, the lines become larger and if you get it too small it will look like a big spot of ink eventually. To keep the details in a tattoo with lots of details it has to large enough. I can not tell you how large, that is a question you will have to ask to your tattoo artist.

I would think all tattoo artist that work in a good tattoo place will do custom. It is part of their everyday job, that’s what they do for a living. They will not take the image and draw it like that. What they do is either print it or trace a stencil of it. Once that is done, they apply that to your skin and start inking it from there.

Maria asks…

Struggling to find a Gemini design for a tatto for the back of my neck, please help!?

I want to get a gemini sign for the back of my neck but I cant find the design I want. Everyone I can find is either just plain and boring or too big and bulky.

I want something small (not much bigger than a 2p) thats pretty and quite delicate. I was thinking of getting the chinese sign for gemini but I’m not a fan of the idea of chinese designs as chinese writing doesnt mean anything to me so it seems kinda pointless except for the way it looks but theres more to tattoos than that.

The places I’ve looked already are google image search, yahoo image search, flickr, photobucket and all the other sites that come up when I search for gemini tattoo on google or yahoo.

Vanessa answers:

Think about how you will look when you are 40/50 – and don’t do it!

Thomas asks…

i would like a tattoo of the buddhist symbol hum?

i have googled it and lots of sites come up but none of the designs are large enough for me to print and take to my tattooist. i would like to have the tattoo on the back of my neck so i dont want it huge around 2-3 indches high and up to 2 inches wide.please direct me to a website that has this. help my appointments booked for next week

Vanessa answers:

Try this site

They seem to have pretty much every tattoo imaginable : )

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