Your Questions About Tattoo Designs For Men

Sandra asks…

When men wear stiletto heels, shouldn’t the stilettos be considered masculine attire?

Fashion items have ways of eventually changing genders. It seems society just chooses the designation of attire by the whims of their ideas usurping the right of each individual to choose their own items to wear. To have a choice in what we wear from what our own desires exhort is the most fundamental right that we as individuals have.

However, it has been the practice of society (a group of people) to make it their business to choose what individuals (that society has no personal knowledge about) should desire. Then, when those who voice or exhibit their opposition to society’s choices, they are considered some sort of non-conformists or deviates.

An example of this is the wearing of jeans or pants by women in the 1900′s when society was pressuring women to continue the wearing dresses. There have been other more recent changes like men wearing earrings and other jewelry. Tattoos were once a man’s sign of his masculinity and now women are sporting tattooed designs in their skin. Women are sharing the barber shops and beauty salons with men for their short or long hair and nail care. So, those who think stiletto heels are just a choice for women, don’t really know the desires men also have.

Vanessa answers:

Hey, I got nothing against it, but really, it’s hard for your average bear to pull it off, if you know what I mean.

Besides, they’re not very comfortable or practical. They’ve only become fashionable again recently (Remember the chunky heels and platforms of the 90′s?)

Jenny asks…

Can men get the love life loyalty tattoo?

I have seen the tattoo and like the idea of symbol representing love life and loyalty but it looks girly?
is there any tattoo similar or the design a bit different?
also does anyone no any websites that have symbols with meanings? and tattoo like the above

For anyone who doesn’t know what this tattoo looks like click the link below:

Vanessa answers:

Hi. I have seen this on both men & women. The photo u used as an example is on a man, women don’t have those muscles, lol. I think it looks good on a man. The meaning is heart shape signifies love & loyalty and the ankh signifies life. There is also a maori symbol for love, life & loyalty but it is a very condensed larger tattoo. Look at some of the photos of The ROCK, he has one that is similar. Hope this helps! Love, kelli

Lizzie asks…

Do women find guys with tattoos attractive?

Hello everyone, I have been designing my tattoo for a couple of weeks now, and it’s almost done.(I am a good artist, but not a tattoo artist). This tattoo has sentimental meaning and I really wanna get it but my ex-girlfriend is throwing a fit. She still has feeling for me but I’m just wondering if most women find men with tattoo‘s attractive.

Vanessa answers:

You know, that’s funny. My boyfriend broke up with me and then had this outta nowhere desire to get a tattoo – I argued against it for awhile, but he went and did it anyway. A big ugly tattoo on his front lower thigh – very bad if you ask me. Tattoos are not attractive.

James asks…

Is it okay for a man to have a flower designed tattoo?

I am currently 17, turning 18 on december 18th and I am getting a tattoo on my forearm for my birthday present from my parents. I have thought of a lot of ideas and I have had a couple put on paper, but not what I was looking for. Then the other day I thought of getting a flower design on my forearm, but I don’t know what people will say about it. I have been called gay my whole life and I am certainly not. I don’t know what kind of responses I will get if I get a flower on my forearm. If anyone will help me with my question that would be greatly appreciated.
I have a really cool scheme that I want to have printed out on paper but I cannot find anyone to email and ask if they can come up with some type of sketch for me i asked a friend of mine who is a wicked artist and he told me it is hard to draw something from someones elses perspective
well it is going to be more than a flower i am going to have somethign around the flower

Vanessa answers:

Of course it is o.k. ! It is all in how you carry yourself, and how confident in who you are. It doesn’t matter what image you would get, someone won’t like it, or will make some stupid comment.
But if you get a stellar image, that is fine artwork, and done by an experienced and skilled tattoo artist, and you then wear it without explanation or apology, and let it be a part of you, .. Then you will have one fine tattoo!
The men who have flower tattoos, are strong men. Look at the Yakuza:
Everyone of these guys have flower images, and I don’t think anyone would call them names

So, there’s lots more examples, and plenty that are not posted.
It all depends on the quality of the image, the skill of the tattoo artist, and the confidence of the wearer.


Helen asks…

Would a rose tattoo on a man with throns cutting him and blood spilling love hurts,or love threw the pain ?

would it be gay or emo or antyhing.. like a half sleeve design all very dark alot of detail except for the bloood..

Vanessa answers:

I’ve seen some of the biggest, meanest looking men around get tattoos of roses, simply, elegant roses, so I think you’re perfectly fine.

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