Your Questions About Tattoo Designs For Men

Helen asks…

What tattoo should i get?

I don’t mind who answers, men/women.

I’m going to be 18 in a few days and i’ve wanted to get a tattoo for ages, i don’t want it below my elbows, on my legs or above my neck line. Was thinking of chest or back basically.

Where is the best place to get it on a man?
What is the best design for men? (pic’s would be super)

If it matters am athletic build, not skinny.


Vanessa answers:

I think the most common place for a guy’s first tattoo is the upper arm. As far as design goes well that has to come from you. Look up tattoos online and just look at some pictures. You’re bound to get some ideas there.

Michael asks…

tattoo design to honor soldiers but not being in the military?

I want a tattoo about 4-5 inches on the back of my right shoulder. I want it to honor the men and women who fight and those who have died for us. I am not in the military and I do not want people to automatically think that when they see it. Any Ideas??

Vanessa answers:

How about one of the “Support Our Troop” ribbons done in camouflage or the American flag? You wouldn’t have to put the words on there if you didn’t want to… Just the color.

Linda asks…

Tattoo ideas For men?

i want to get 2 heartagram tattos on my shoulders, but i dont want it to be like a stencil. If theres any heartagram designs out there that would look good on dual shoulders please leave the link.Thanks

Vanessa answers:

I personally think that a heartagram would look best on your side or across the chest that way you can get some nice designs in there cause if there is going to be one on each side then all you can really do for something that doesn’t look messy is the symbols. So if you want just the symbols then heres a cool one I found:

or this one that has a little more pizazz

These next ones I would do some tribal stuff to it if you change your mind and choose to do a single heartagram:

Have fun!

John asks…

What do you think of this tattoo?

I would really love to get this dove tattoo on my left shoulder. I have reasons for my choosing of a dove with the olive branch. Do men find tattoos on the shoulder unattractive in any way? Regardless, I might get it! Haha! :) What do you all think?

Vanessa answers:

From someone who has a Picasso dove on my back (with a little extra added to it), be ready to see a lot of people with similar or the same tattoo. One of my friends has the same dove I have in pretty much the same spot. It doesn’t bother me. I have it for my own reasons as I am sure she has it for her own reasons. I don’t really give a hoot if something is popular or not. If you want it then go for it but if you’re having to ask other people’s opinions then I’d say wait until you can answer the question on whether to get it or not yourself.

Sharon asks…

Can you suggest a tattoo design for the arms / hands ?

Please , put a link
p.s : a tattoo for a man

Vanessa answers:

No. Real men do not need tattoos.

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