Your Questions About Tattoo Designs For Girls On Neck

Charles asks…

Do you have any suggestions on designs and places for tattoos that are feminine?/What do you think of these?

I will turn 18 in less than a month, I don’t think I will be getting a tattoo on my birthday, but I’m definatly thinking about getting one soon(within the next year and a half or so..) I think I want a total of three. This is what I am thinking: the word “peace” writtin in a pretty script on my wrist; a traditional style swallow on the nape of my neck; and I’m not completely sure where or what I want my third to be, but I’m thinking maybe an anchor on my hip or sholder..(?).

So basically I’m asking for your advice and suggestions. Are any of these ideas too cheesey, tacky or trendy? Do you have any suggestions for the designs/places. I want my future tattoos to be feminine and at least somewhat unique.

Also, what kinds of tattoos do guys like on girls and where? I’m just wondering, I guess I don’t want to get any tattoos that will completely repluse guys…
Thanks for your help!
The reasoning behind the anchor is that it would be a sort of tribute to the members of my family who have been in the military, but mostly it would be a tribute to my grandfather who was in the merchant marines during WWII.

Vanessa answers:

First…if the tattoos have meaning to you, than that should be enough. You are going to get opinions across the board from “I love that idea” to “Don’t be stupid.” And none of it will matter as long as YOU love your ink and the meaning behind it. As far as tacky/trendy…again…”One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” … Now if you told me you were getting flash art done (design from the walls) … Then I WOULD tell you that it’s tacky/trendy b/c it’s not unique to you alone (and it sounds like you want your ink to be unique, even if the idea is a classic ink concept)

That being said…I like the idea of “peace” b/c the meaning speaks for itself. The idea of the swallow is nice too, it has significant meaning in classic tattoo designs. If you’re not sure you want a third one or what to get…wait it out. If you think you want the anchor, ask yourself “why and anchor?” Anyways, you have your whole life to tattoos. They don’t need to be done at the same time or all in your teens/twenties. So don’t sweat it. ;)

As for guys and what they like, again, some guys are indifferent, some hate ‘em, some love ‘em. But do you really want to be with a guy whose going to judge you by your skin and not your personality?! Think about it, if your tattoos have meaning and he rejects you because of your tattoos, he’s rejecting some essential part of your identity.

And to clear up some misconceptions you’re hearing…the whole debate on HepC and tattooing can be contrived. You can read samples from two websites (one of them being the CDC, which gives the most updated information). Is there a risk? Yes. Is it as bad as people make it out to be? In my opinion, no. It’s the same issue as sex and STDs…they’re out there and you have the knowledge to know how to prevent it. Typically, HepC is a problem if you’re going to a parlor that isn’t sanitary. And it sounds like you think things through, so I’m sure you would also take into consideration researching your artist/parlor you go to.

Good luck!


Seeing your addition on the reasoning behind the anchor. I like that idea. Tributes to family/friends/loved ones is always a beautiful story in and of itself.

Paul asks…

which tattoo should i get?

im getting another tattoo in less then 2 weeks and im not sure which one i should get out of these, any opinions? by the way im getting it on the back of my neck. here are my 3 designs.

-This means “Lust” in Chinese

-Hatchet Girl for the Juggalo/lette Family, Whoop Whoop ! <3


- the Hollywood Undead symbol [i would only get the bird though, not the lettering]

so which do you think i should get done? i think i like the Hollywood Undead symbol most…

Vanessa answers:

The last two really rock, and so would the first, if it were done in english, in a beautiful flowing script. Asian characters are so cliche. But the bird is great! The hatchet girl is great, as well, but so many already have her. Take care. (Whoop!)

Sandy asks…

Is this a good tattoo idea?

My mother said i could get a tattoo when I turn 16,i am a girl.
and i was thinking of this as one : Wake your dreams. with some pretty awesome designs around it,
i was also thinking of: Love the life you live, don’t live the life you love.
Do you have any other ideas? I was also thinking of putting whatever quote i get either on my neck or my collar bone.

thanks for your advice :)

Vanessa answers:

No, this tattoo is not a good idea. Your quote makes no sense, as someone else already said, and your neck and collarbones are both highly visible places. What happens when you grow up and get a job? Many employers do not allow visible tattoos on their employees. Also, many REPUTABLE tattoo artists will not tattoo someone under the age of 18, even with parental consent. If you find someone who will, beware – they may not be licensed to tattoo or certified in all of the necessary safety procedures that must be followed when tattooing.

Mary asks…

should i get the tattoo? and will it hurt too much?

my brother died two years ago, and eversince the day he died, ive been wanting a tattoo in his memory. i know im only 14, but i feel like its a good reason. i feel like it wont be a tatoo that im gonna regret later, like yeah maybe i would regret the design, but i feel like when im 40 and i look at my tattoo id say “dammnn i was such a dedicated little girl, i had the balls to get a tattoo for my brother at a young age”, so even if i do regret the design…id still love it cuz its in my brothers memory. but what do you guys think?

and i either wanna get my tattoo on the back of my neck, on my shoulder blades, or on one of the sides of my hip…which one would it look better on, and would it hurt a lot on that area for a 14 year old whose hasnt had many piercings, only 4 (two earlobe piercings on each side)?

Vanessa answers:

I think that’s a beautiful idea. I think it would be best to get it on the back of your neck. That way you can cover it with your hair if need be, and if you really do regret the design, at least you won’t have to see it every day.

Donald asks…

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Vanessa answers:

1. With an Irish jig if I’m not mistaken
2. Linda Evangelista (and I’m floored, I love my bb Sasha but Linda is one of the greates so okay)
3. “Who”
4. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernande
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6. Alice Burdeu and she was dicovered in the show Australia’s Next Top Model
7. Well I’ve really heard all kinds of rumors. Some seem to agree that it’s Jourdan Dunn, some say it could be Iman. Don’t know what to believe myself.
8. US – Anna Wintour, Paris – Carine Roitfeld, Italia – Franza Sozzani, UK – Alexandra Shulman
9. Float
10. Karlie Kloss, Ali Stephens, Toni Garrn, and Taryn Davidson
11. Brain tumor
12. Ali Michael

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