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Lisa asks…

Why are tattoos such a sin?

I’m a 18 year old Christian/Jew and have been planning on getting a tattoo since I was like 12. I finally have my design but everyone in my family keeps giving me attitude because “Tattoos are marks of Satan” I’m not even getting an “eviltattoo. I’m getting the Knot of David (a mix between a trinity knot and the star of David) that my friend made for me… Why is it so evil? And where does it say it is in the New Testament?

Vanessa answers:

Actually in the Bible it states “Your body is you temple and you should celebrate and decorate it as you will.” so tattoos are NOT a sin. Because if you want to decorate your body like that then its yours to do so. I asked my pastor about a tattoo because i wanted one when my father passed away 6 months ago and i thought it was one too and that is the responce i got with my question.

Michael asks…

Japanese Tattoo in San Francisco?

Guys im a tattoo virgin… have been wanting one for so long and finally found the design i like from a tattoo book by Horimouja – Jack Mosher..
I d like to have a 6x5inches, colored, good vs evil Japanese style tattoo on my back..
I live in San Francisco, where can I find a good tattooist and how much would it cost ??

Vanessa answers:

First make sure they open all needles in front of you. Most artist will have a Portfolio, so check that out. In san Fran you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good artist, so be sure to give all shop’s a try. If you walk in and you think the place is dirty, turn around and walk out. Make sue the artist is into you and not just your cash. And if you don’t know most people leave a tip too. Personally I leave $20 bucks unless they were just mean and rude, then I just leave.

Lizzie asks…

Need an idea to symbolise warding off evil/good luck etc that sort of thing?

Thinking I want a tattoo to symbolise warding off evil or good luck, that sort of thing.

I like that idea of the Hamsa, the hand with the eye in the middle but I dont like using symbols from other religions as I’m not relgious so I’d feel like a hypercrite. Also it’s not the prettiest of designs.

What else is there that symbolises the same sort of thing but thats not religious. Dont want anything too coomon when it comes to good luck like horse shoes/clovers etc, looking for a more original idea.

Any thoughts?

Vanessa answers:

This is the Japanese symbol for luck. It’s not a religious symbol, just a writing style.


Mark asks…

What way should a forearm tattoo face?

Okay, I’m an artist and I (finally) decided on a tattoo for myself. Took many hours of designing, angrily crunching up many papers and tossing them, and lots of empty mechanical pencils and inkless pens…and a design carried around in my pocket for many months to stare at :)

I drew a Celtic design topped with a jester hat (it represents my unique, odd self– and Jester is my nickname) and I want it to be placed on the underside of my left forearm.

The problem I have is really bothering me– when you get a tattoo there, what way does it face? Is it supposed to face so that I can see it upright, or so that the person facing me can see it upright?

I’m just wondering what you guys do, or if there’s a certain way, or if it’s just personal preference?

And no I’m not a lesbian just because I’m getting it there. Please also keep any “don’t get a tattoo they’re trashy/evil/ugly etc.” comments to yourselves. I’m a little punky artist, so it won’t affect my work life either :)
If I can scan the drawing tonight, I’ll put it on my art site so you guys can see it.

Another question– which is better and easier to show detail in a smaller and slightly more intricate tattoo, color or B&W? This one is about 3×2 inches, so smaller…but a knotwork design.

Vanessa answers:

The tat is for you to enjoy right? I think you should have it facing you so the when u look down you can enjoy the work that you and the tattoo artist has put into it!!

Chris asks…

I’m thinking of getting my First tattoo. HELP!!!!!!!!?

Im 24 and have always wanted a tattoo. I never knew what I would get that would be special to me. Well turns out Medusa is the most symbolic design I want tattooed on me for life. When I was 4 I saw her get decapitated in the original clash of the titans. I remembered when the hallway light went off for bed time – seeing her decapitated head on the ceiling staring at me in my bed (the round crystal light fixture). I’ve watched a lot of decapitations and they have truly made me ready for death. I’ve had a lot of close encounters with death and have each time been less scared. anyway – a woman so powerful one glance could end your life is an amazing concept to me. And I love danger and playing – nothing more dangerous and playful than a woman. So there’s my logic behind my tattoo. One half of my family won’t care – the other … probably will. I thought to myself If I NEVER had to see another person for the rest of my life – would I get it? The answer was yes. So it’s obviously for me. but I’m still scared of the permanence of it – and that it kind of represents evil and horror. but it reminds me of youth and truth. ok I wrote a novel . thoughts?

Vanessa answers:

The story behind your reasons are pretty inspiring, and Im certain that if you told a tattoo artist this that they would jump at the opportunity to design you something really awesome.

Tattoos are only as permanent as you are. ;)

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