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Steven asks…

seven deadly sins tattoo?

ive been thinking about tattoo designs lately and i am interested in having a tattoo that incorperates the seven deadly sins. I realise this will be difficult because i do not want the tattoo to be very big, and i think i want it right under my bum cheek :P .

So my question is, do you think having the seven deadly sins tattooed on me is “evil” or what not?
And also, design ideas?

All answers are appreciated, thank you :)
P.s i will not be getting this tattoo for quite some time as i am underage still, but id rather plan it now, because then, in just under two years time (when i can legally get this tatto), i will know if its something i really want. cheers xx

Vanessa answers:

I had to google the seven deadly sins for this one. I’m pretty sure I’m not on God’s good side now, but I’m 24, and I have time to make up for it. I hope. One guy had a tree that tied the symbols together as a full abdomen piece that stretched to his back. Pretty wicked, but too big for you. Find symbols relating to the sins….or, you could have the Latin names of the Sins on various parts of your body, with a symbolic example of it near it. Sounds like a huge undertaking….many man hours will be needed to complete this masterpiece. One last piece of advice. BE ORIGINAL!

Mark asks…

Tattoos/designs of eyes?

I know this is a fairly vague question, so I apologize for that, but help me if you can-

My brother’s girlfriend has a tattoo of an eye inside some sort of shape. A pyramid I think? (I don’t think it’s like the one on the dollar bill, but possibly? What does that symbolize anyways?). She left before I could ask her about it but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the same design before. Are there any significant patterns/designs which incorporate an eye? Or is an eye significant of anything? I know of the “evil eye” anything else?

sorry if this question was confusing…

Vanessa answers:

No worries, I knew exactly what you were talking about… I think. There’s only one symbol that depicts an eye within a pyramid and that’s known as the “all-seeing eye”. It’s history is vague but it is used in many countries. You can read more about it in the wiki article I’m posting. It has a lot to do with the Trinity and has religious significance. The seal on the dollar bill is surrounded by the words “Annuit Cœptis” which means “He approves our undertakings”

other significant symbols which feature an eye.( these are essentially the same as the all-seeing eye but interpretted into their own culture. They all look different but mean the same thing: God is watching)
Buddhism/ Jainism– Three Jewels or Triratna
Ancient Egypt– Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra

there is also the Eye of Protection which is usually depicted inside the Jewish Hamsa Hand. It is designed to ward off the evil eye

Carol asks…

Can somebody help me design my geisha tattoo?

My tattoo artist is drawing out my tattoo design of three geisha’s doing the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil… I’m in need of help of trying to find information as to weather the colors of the kimono, specific jewelry types of shoes etc. Can help show a more prestigious geisha. My artist is doing the tattoo is a very traditional sense of a Japanese tattoo. I’m also wondering if people can help give ideas to show the geiha’s doing the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Thank you for any and all help :)
By prestigious I refer to ranking such as geisha’s that work in Gion, Pontochō , Kamishichiken. At the opposite end of the spectrum you have the “Hot-Spring” Geisha which is viewed as a common whore.
In regards to kimonos: Furisode, Hōmongi, Iromuji, Komon, Mofuku, Tomesode, Tsukesage, Uchikake, and Susohiki / Hikizuri (Last one is most commonly worn by a geisha). Which type of kimono would best fit the tattoo.

Vanessa answers:

Geisha don’t wear jewelry. At most they typically wear a comb and maybe a pin in their hair (the apprentices are the ones who wear a lot of flowers in their hair). They NEVER wear things like earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Also, there is no difference in the way a a “prestigious” (I suppose you mean popular?) geisha dresses compared to the way others dress. The basic elements of the costume are the same regardless of which geisha is wearing them. You might want to go to Flickr and look for geisha-related communities like Hanamachi, Pleasure Quarters of Kyoto, Geiko and Maiko, or Geisha! For pictures of real geisha and maiko. If you want a very traditional feel to the tattoo, research ukiyo-e paintings. Just don’t assume that every woman in them is a geisha. Many of them involve everyday women or women who worked as courtesans and prostitutes, not geisha. Use them for inspiration on the style of the tattoo rather than on the appearance of geisha.

ETA: The basic look of geisha is pretty much the same wherever they work, actually. Most of the differences are minor and involve things like which side of the head parts of the hair ornaments go (e.g. In Kyoto the maiko usually wear the oogi kanzashi on the right and the flower bunch on the left, in Tokyo that is reversed) and what kind of musubi they wear (Kyoto geisha usually use a taiko musubi, Tokyo geisha often use other styles). The Kyoto look is the one that is easiest to find modern pictures of so if you want your tattoo artist to have a picture to work with, your best bet is to look for Kyoto geisha and maiko. Tokyo would be the second easiest to find. Also, not all geisha wear susohiki or hikizuri. Many of the jikata geisha (the ones who don’t dance) simply wear a tomesode or maybe a houmingi. But the most obviously/stereotpically geisha look would be a susohiki. Geisha do not wear furisode. If you want something with furisode-style sleeves, you want a picture of a maiko in her hikizuri, as maiko are the ones who wear the long furisode sleeves. If you want the look of an uchikake then you’re going out of the geisha realm entirely and getting into the world of tayuu and oiran. Formal geisha kimono are typically black with a pattern on the hem, but for the sake of variety in your tattoo I would imagine you want to use some colors other than black, and that’s fine too. Just keep in mind that geisha typically wear more subdued colors than maiko, and you’re unlikely to find a geisha going about her daily work in bright colors like red or line-green or anything neon (maiko, on the other hand, can be eye-poppingly bright…especially the younger and less-experiences ones).

Sharon asks…

can someone draw this tattoo for me?

i really want a tattoo designed. if someone could draw this for me and send it to my email. which is “”.

the design is a monkeys head, one half of the monkeys head is normal but the other half is like an evil side. like a skull or something like that. so if any could draw this for me it would be great! :)
i could go to a tattoo parlour. but i wanted someone to do it online for some reason. :)

Vanessa answers:

I could do it but wont get around to it till this weekend though.

How do you want it? Do you want it a certain color do you want just the face or the whole body? Do you want it in a certain pose? Would you like it more realistic or cartoony? Do you have any pictures to reference for your combination or should I just wing it?

Sandy asks…

Why do people think tattoos evil? A sin?

I’m a 18 year old Christian/Jew and have been planning on getting a tattoo since I was like 12. I finally have my design but everyone in my family keeps giving me attitude because “Tattoos are marks of Satan” I’m not even getting an “eviltattoo. I’m getting the Knot of David (a mix between a trinity knot and the star of David) that my friend made for me… Why is it so evil? And where does it say it is in the New Testament?
I’m a Messanic Jew. A Jew that believes Christ was the Messiah and has already come and will come again.
I have 5 piercings and plan on getting one more. two in right ear and three in left one. i plan on getting my bellybutton done again (was already done once) My family doesnt have a problem with that.

Vanessa answers:


When i was 19 i decided to get a tattoo. I was judged by many christians who said the bible says not to.
Actually the bible says not to do it in honor of the dead, which makes sense.
Its like everything else in life, as a Christian you have to study your motives and if your motives do not dishonour God go for it!

Remember Christ admonished the pharisees for all their focus on making the outside of the vessel clean when the inside was still dirty!
You know the condition of your heart towards God and noone else. It is our hearts we offer so in prayer with a clean heart go before God and ask the Holy Spirit to Guide you on this.

God Bless You.

Please do not feel pressured or judged.

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