Your Questions About Tattoo Designs Butterfly Wings

Chris asks…

need a tattoo pic of a butterfly please show me?

i need a butterfly design please show me some pics i need them for today cute ones please or butterfly wings by themselves thanks

Vanessa answers:

Here ya go…here is a bunch!


George asks…

R.I.P. Dad Butterfly Tattoo?

I want to get a black butterfly tattoo in memory of my dad
my mom and grandma both have one and inside the wings it says DAVE but you cant see it unless they tell you cause it looks like a swirly design.
I want just a basic BLACK butterfly because the night he died me and my mum saw a black butterfly land on the car window and then flutter away 5 min later he passed.we felt like it was him saying goodbye.
just plain black with dad in it somewhere
can anyone help me???

Vanessa answers:


it’s not difficult to see that this almost looks like it was made to have lettering fit in to the design. I think your artist could put “dad” in this easily.

I think it would be perfect to memorialize your fathers passing.
I am sorry for your loss

Sandy asks…

Where should I get my tattoo?

I want to get a somewhat small tattoo of a butterfly with Japanese or Chinese symbols (possibly Japanese Kanji) in the wings as the wing designs. As I said, I want it somewhat small. I know that a tattoo is going to be somewhat painful no matter what, but I want a spot that is possibly one of the least painful. Also, it needs to be somewhere that I can hide it easily because I am going into secondary education in a few years. Any recommendations for an easy to hide, minimally painful tattoo location?
Really need help here!
I am definitely starting to see from what I have started to look up that this is definitely a matter of personal opinion. I have read numerous places now that are good are fatty parts of the leg, wrists, shoulder away from bone…and anywhere particularly fatty but not sensitive skin, but one person that answered here said some of those aren’t good.

Vanessa answers:

Calf was the least painful place for me.
The real muscley part of your calf.
Neck/spine wasn’t that bad either.
At least with neck or just below your neck you could always cover it with clothes/hair.

Defiantly not stomach, ribs, wrists, or above the knee/thighs

Hopefully that helps.

Honestly, do NOT do wrists.
I have 6 tattoos, and the two on my wrists scared me away for a year. They need to be touched up, as they dont hold the ink very well, and I am absolutely scared chitless to do it. Wrists sucks hun. And I honestly can handle alot of pain.
But in the end, its up to you.
I wouldnt recommend any of these areas for a first. Stomach, ribs, wrists, or above the knee/thighs

Charles asks…

Add some more ink to my current Tattoo, any ideas?

I have a butterfly with some swirls inside the wings on my right rib cage. The butterfly is on its side. I love my tattoo but was contemplating adding some more design to it. Other than a flower, does anyone have any ideas about what I might add to my design?

Vanessa answers:

Tiny start like thing ‘pixie dust’, more swirls? A few more butterflies (different sizes etc. For more of a Variety?)

Donald asks…

My tattoo design…again?

Hey guys i asked a question a while back about my design that ive drawn for a tattoo. Ive improved it a little by changing some of the things people suggested that i agreed on, and ive also added some colour!

The colour isnt great i had no colouring pens etc so i had to use bingo markers lol so its a little outta line, but its a rough idea. here are the links:

First draft:

I changed the butterfly to match the fairy wings in this second draft and i also added a bit of detail to the dress:

Third draft colour:

Its very rough around the edges but thats because i drew it in paint and its not good. Will do it over in Photoshop at some point lol. Suggestions regarding the design please? You cannot convince me out of it! This design means something personal!
The butterfly is part of the meaning for me, without it it wouldnt be the full meaning! Thats one of the things i wont remove lol thanks anyway.
When it gets nearer my 18th i will give it to the artist to make look better lol i just coudlnt find anything liek this on the internet then i thought il draw my own! So i did, and here it is lol
Mikey C- Yeah i mean zodiac is cool but all it is, is when you were born! You could work around a zodiac and create your own ideas? Also wait till your old enough :P
I dunno i wanted the dress to have an opaque look
so Im not sure how to go about it, i dont want it block though coz i wanted it to look ‘airy’ lol Suggestions how i can do that wihtout removing the entire line??

Vanessa answers:

Leave the butterfly out completely, or move it. It looks like its crapping stars on her head.

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