Your Questions About Tattoo Designs Around Quotes

Jenny asks…

What design or drawing should I get around this quote tattoo?

I know it get hard sometime. But after every dark night is a brightday. Remember that.So no matter what, stick your chest out, head up and handle it ” – Tupac
Ive wanted this for 4 years.
Dont say keep it plain.
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Vanessa answers:

Oh god. Please spell it right when you give it to the artist.

As for a design, what does the saying mean to you? If there is something in specific this quote helped you overcome, have a design that references that! If not, maybe a sun and a moon– both kind of references in the quote… Or music notes from your favorte tupac song. You could even write the quote on a picture of sheet music.

Donald asks…

What is a good Tattoo design/quote?

how do you like the sound of “life’s a gamble”

what could design around it..
nothing related to gambling
even if my quote relates to gambling, dice and cards are gay


Vanessa answers:

Ive always wanted a raven and the Poe quote “Only this and nothing more”

Thomas asks…

What are some good short quotes about sisters?

My sister & I are planning on getting a tattoo together, but we can’t decide on what to get. We want some sort of a quote, nothing too long though. So far what we plan on doing is “There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you”
One of us will get the first sentence, and the other will get the last.

Any other ideas though? Or maybe some nice designs that would look good around the quotes? The tattoos will be somewhere around our stomachs or hips. Most likely on the ribs.

Vanessa answers:

Sister, you`ve got looks, smarts, charm and elegants. Yep, we are related alright ;)

Maria asks…

Tattoo quotessayings ideas?

I’m almost 16 years old and for my birthday I’m getting a tattoo. I haven’t yet picked a design because the tattoo artist likes to play around with his designs but all I want is a fairly simple design. I also plan on throwing a quote or saying into the design.
an idea I have is “one life to live”.

But I’m also thinking of a tribute quote for my friend matt who passed away almost a year ago. He was one of those people with the contagious smile and laugh, loved life. Any ideas how I can incorporate that into a tattoo? Pictures would help.
I’m just looking for ideas, I do plan on getting what I want.

Vanessa answers:

You can’t really ask for what YOU should tattoo on YOUR body.

It should mean something to you, especially if you’re wanting to do something dedicated to your friend. Think about what the kid meant to you and go off of that.

Also, hopefully the tattoo place will actually tattoo you at such a young age. Many won’t before age 18 even with parental consent.

George asks…

Finding a design for a tattoo please help?

I’m going to get a quote tattooed around my ankle, and where the quote meets i was going to get 2 roses or flowers next to each other, one alive and one dead. can anyone find anything like this online???

Vanessa answers:

I like the rose/flower idea with the quote…that’s pretty unique

Maybe you can find designs like that at

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