Your Questions About Tattoo Designs 3 Stars

Sandra asks…

How much would it cost to get a tattoo that would cover a good amount of my left side?

It’s a big star (the size of my palm of my hand) and it has a design and then like 3 little stars. I don’t want it to take up the whole part of my left side just maybe the overall size being my hand with my fingers spread out.

Vanessa answers:

Can you be more detailed? Is it just outlines of stars or will they be fully colored? What is the design you mentioned? It will probably be at least 150 if it’s just outlines and full color would be way more

Daniel asks…

I want a tattoo with ACU design?

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo in a few months and I want to get 3 stars – each colored differently. I was hoping to get one with the ACU pattern but I’ve never seen it before. Is it possible?
The Army Camo.

Vanessa answers:

That is a neat idea. This is not the army patterns but
gives you some of the best camo pattern out there. Click on which ever one looks like you would like it and it will give you a larger pattern to look at.
If you want the new style army camo pattern this site should work for you. Click on the pants and it gives you a nice close up. Here is a coat with the new pattern

Hope you are able to find one design that you like.

Nancy asks…

Ideas to improve a star tattoo?

My fiance has 3 stars down the top part of his back, they go down in size slightly and are just black outlines. He got them on a whim and now wants a design to go around them, keeping them as part of the design, but adding more interest. He doesn’t want anything too “girly” but apart from that is quite open.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!

Thanks xx

Vanessa answers:

Have an outline drawn round each of them?
Or maybe get them filled in.

Laura asks…

Which star looks better for my tattoo ?

I am designing my tattoo.
Should i have it with Nortical Stars or black outline stars?

^^ This is my tattoo idea with nortical stars

Should i swap it for 3 of these stars??

Vanessa answers:

I def like the first one the best but maybe make the middle star just an outline? It would add a little difference and i think it may look better. But hey draw it out first. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

William asks…

A REALLY good website for finding a tattoo design?

I’ve look through SO many and I can’t find shit.
I really want a stars or like a martini or something totally cute.

Vanessa answers:

If you search photobucket for tattoos, you’ll find a lot of original ones. But I suggest finding a bunch of similar tattoos that you like and combining different elements from each so that you end up with something that’s your own and no one else has.

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