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John asks…

any tattoo design ideas?

I’m a girl, getting a tattoo but not sure what design i should get maybe the one on my neck

Vanessa answers:

My tattoo is not visable to the naked eye but when im feeling good and decide to show it to people they love it. It is on my upper right butt cheek right beside my butt crack. It reads “EST. 1986″. It sorta looks as though i was branded. I got it in college with my roommate and she got the same on her foot. I love it. Just a thought. :-D good luck.

Thomas asks…

Tattoo design in the September 2007 issue of Tattoo magazine, upside down girl tattoo?

In the sept. 2007 issue of TATTOO magazine, there was a picture of a girl that when upright looked like she was touching her neck, but when you turned it upside down it looked like a girls legs and fingers touching, well you get the idea. Does anybody know where I can find an image of this tattoo, I have searched everywhere and can’t seem to find it.

Vanessa answers:

Hmm, i dont know. Maybe you could e-mail Tattoo Magazine and ask one of their customer representatives about it.

Donald asks…

Need advice for a tattoo design.?

I want to get a tattoo in honor of my dad. I would like it to say daddy’s girl. Does anyone have any design ideas?

Vanessa answers:

You could find a really nice font for the lettering and have it put in banner, old-school tattoo style… It’s better to spend time sketching out ideas and coming up with something unique and special. If you wanted to go for something more expensive, but more personal, you could have a portrait done by an experienced artist. Do your research before you get ANYTHING tattooed, though.

Good luck!

Susan asks…

I am getting my first tattoo and want to represent my kids. Need Ideas or someone to design!?

I have a boy and a girl. I want flowers and their zodiac signs(aries and gemini). I want it on my right shoulder.

Vanessa answers:

A tattoo shop should be able to listen to your idea and design you one. I’m getting 1 in 2 days and took a few ideas of what I wanted incorporated and the bloke has done a lovely picture to tattoo. It cost me £20 for his time but that then gets knocked off the price of the tattoo if you have it done. What are theire birth flowers or favourite flowers? Have them intertwined with the zodia symbol in the centre of ech

Lisa asks…

need help on a “country girl” Tattoo design!!!?

Okay, so I want a tattoo that shows my “red neck” side. I don’t want it to have the rebel flag in it or a bass or a deer like all other red neck tattoos. And it of course needs to be a tattoo that would look good on a girl. Im not opposed to camo but I don’t want to much of it. And I don’t want it to just flat out say “country girl” or “red neck girl”, just something that represents it with out looking trashy or tacky. I am a tattoo artist so I can draw it up myself, I just need ideas! Please help!!!

Vanessa answers:

If you’re a tattoo artist, I’m sure you can appreciate a good pin-up girl! What about a “country” pin-up girl that you can draw to resemble your version of Annie Oakley mixed with some of your own features and maybe holding a banjo or a pistol with a train of smoke coming out of it or the pin-up surrounded by flowers that grow in the country… Maybe tree blossoms of some sort. Out here we get beautiful cherry and apple blossoms, and dogwood tree blossoms.

Hmmm. It also depends on where you’re planning to get it done and how big you want it. But I like the idea of a country inspired pin up with a few things incorporated that mean something to you… Like it could be wearing a sheriffs badge and your moms initials could be on it, things like that.

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