Your Questions About Tattoo Design Ideas For Feet

Chris asks…

I need help with a tattoo design idea?

I want to get the infinity sign tattooed because I am afraid of forever. I was originally planning on getting it tattooed on the bottom of my foot because my grandma told me, “write it on the bottom of your shoe” if you want to forget something. This won’t work so I am looking for ways to incorporate the quote into the tattoo. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Vanessa answers:

Have the quote either shaped into the infinity sign, or have the quote encircle it.

Richard asks…

Tattoo Design?

Hey I want to get a tattoo but I am having trouble picking/finding a design that I will be appy with (it lasting forever and all!)

I’m looking for links, drawings, ideas from you guys – for reference is it going on my foot

All Ideas welcome – i am an open canvas!

Vanessa answers:

I don’t mean to be insulting, but i really think you’re going the wrong way about finding a design. A tattoo should be personal to you. You should be getting it for a reason. Even if you find a nice one, you don’t want to look at your foot and forever think “some random person on the internet gave me the design”

Carol asks…

Any ideas for my foot tattoo?

i wanted to get words… (original i know) but i just love love love the way it looks

i wanted to get love is blind in latin… Amor est caecus… probably in script

maybe a cool design around it

i want something awesome, any ideas… any pics of something to consider

Vanessa answers:

I actually LOVE word tattoos and i think they tend to look better than pictures. So i would go with just the writing. Plain and simple, like it’s a part of your skin and not a big decoration ON it. But that’s just me.

Steven asks…

Webbed toes tattoo idea?

I have two webbed toes on each of my feet. My one foot already has a tattoo of a dotted line with scissors on it but I didnt want to get the same design for my other foot. Any ideas? I was thinking of a zipper possibly.

Vanessa answers:


Something like that : )

Charles asks…

Opinions on these two tattoo ideas?

Both are quotes from the song “Amazing” by Aerosmith which does hold a lot of meaning for me, not just some random tattoo.

The first idea is getting these lyrics:
“It’s amazing,
With the blink of an eye
You finally see the light.”
Tattooed on the TOP of my foot.

Or getting these lyrics:
“How high can you fly with broken wings?”
Tattooed on the side of my foot.

With both, I will also put these:…

But I’m getting the tattoo artist to design them a bit differently so it looks like they’re “flying” upwards. Get about three of them going from my foot to my ankle. The music note is to bring the Aerosmith logo into the mix a bit with the wings.

So idea number 1 or 2? Thanks!
Sorry, that link didn’t work.

Vanessa answers:

I like idea number two because it sounds a lot more meaningful in such a short sentence and also it would be easier to fit it on the side of your foot. The first idea sounds nice but it would have to be kind of small to fit it on the top of your foot.
I really like the second idea because it just sounds as if it would fit nicely. If that makes any sense. Haha.
Good luck with it, though!~

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