Your Questions About Small Back Of Neck Tattoo Designs

Joseph asks…

Could I really not get this tattoo this small?

Went to a tattoo store the other day to talk about a tattoo I want.
I want it to not be any bigger than like 3 inches long cause I want it to fit nicely on the back of my neck
This is the design

She said I would need to go at least 6 or 7 inches with it…Which is massive and would be coming down my back. I understand tattoos need to be big enough so that when they blur it doesnt turn into a blob…but surely it doesnt need to be more than double the size I want it..Ive seen loads of small tattoos.

Is she right? I kind of got the feeling she was just saying that try to get me to get a bigger tattoo (thus pay more)
The smallest flower may need to be a bit bigger I suppose..

Im going to get a second opinion but either way Im not going back to that store, I just didnt feel comfortable there.

What do you think?

Vanessa answers:

The back of your neck is a small area for a tattoo like that. Your best bet would maybe try and seeing what someone else says, but they may tell you the same thing. You only have so much room to work with on the back of your neck. Also, keep in mind that they are going to shave some of your hair as well for the back of the neck so no hair is available to the tattoo.

As for getting that exact tattoo, I would recommend maybe your ribcage, so you have enough room. Ribcage doesn’t hurt, and for something like that, you should have a bigger area.

Richard asks…

does green fade easily (especially on the neck)?

before the summer is over, i plan on getting a very small tattoo of a green apple (it’s the beatles’ record label). my design has a thin black outline and an interior of dark and light green, and i plan on getting it on the back of my neck. i only used a black outline because i was under the impression that green fades easily in a tattoo. is this true? and if i have a habit of cracking my neck, will the twisting of the skin distort my tattoo over time?

thanks for any help.

Vanessa answers:

It shouldnt as long as you take care of it tanning without spf is a big no no and make sure to keep it very moisturized during the healing process and keep it clean i have a VERY large cross on the back of my neck and i got teal and white and aqua green in mine and it is 5 years old and still looks brand new i used neosporin on mine people say not to cause they say it causes it to heal to fast well for those people i say they arent taking care of it in the first place i have 7 tats and used it on all 7 i kept mine covered for a full day and a half after getting it i wait about 3 hours then shower and with baby soap lightly wash the area no wash cloth!!! To rough for skin at this point then let it dry then cover with neo and a burn dressing since those wont stick to the tat then i leave covered for 24 or so hours then take off and shower and clean the area again with a little more force to get any dried blood and ooze off cause it will ooze then i keep the neo to it for about 3 days good luck

Mandy asks…

about neck tattoos … do you think that its ..?

do you tihnk that its too feminine fo a guy to have tattoo on the back of his neck ????

im turning 18 in april and im getting a tattoo somewhere in the summer i have 2 designs on my mind a phoenix which i draw myself and an ankh with a sun i want the ankh with sun on the back of my neck its going to be my first tattoo and i want to start with something small ( it will be 5 inches x 5 inches) but im not sure if thats going to fit there

also does it hurt a lot ???i know that it will hurt no matter what
yea i know that some people/employers dont accept people with facial piercings and tattoos

Vanessa answers:

I wouldn’t worry about it being too fem, especially with what you have chosen to tattoo there. If it were flowers or something, then you may have an issue. The back of the neck is cake. It’s more annoying than anything else. I have the back of my neck done (as well as the side) and i would say that the back of the neck is a much easier area than on the side. Also, the back of the neck is a much easier place to hide it when needed. Employers tend to be a lot more lax about visable tattoos being that it’s becoming something more commonly seen.

Daniel asks…

I’m getting my first tattoo help :) ?

Hi! I’m getting my first tattoo in the fall after I turn 18. I only want one tattoo, a small feather graphic design with a few lyrics of a song that’s very dear to me.
I am still undecided about where I want the tattoo to go…I thought that the nape of my neck near the back would be a nice place to put it, but I’m still unsure. :)
This is very important to me so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, I have a medium pain tolerance. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) I can probably endure about a 5 without being incredibly uncomfortable. The highest I can go is probably an 8 without crying from pain.
Thanks! :D
I’m not asking you to judge me. I’m not a Christian, and I don’t need judgmental and condescending ravings. Thanks.

Vanessa answers:

I have a tattoo right below my neck–pretty much on my back. It bled a lot there; i have pretty high pain tolerance so i’m not sure but i will tell you, i wouldn’t suggest getting big writing. That’s what my tattoo right below my neck sort of is–well, scripture and i dont feel comfortable showing my back because i feel weird with people reading it and being like, “huh?” So i’m really self-conscious.

Its a place where everyone will see–no chance to hide it well. For a first tattoo at the age of 18 TRUST me get it someplace where you can hide it if neccessary. I’m 19, i got all my tattoos when i was 18 and boy do i regret them because i didnt think about them carefully enough–i just went ahead and did it and got them in places where i cant hide them.

PLUS getting a neck tattoo is usually at least 50-100$ more automatically. When i asked about a neck tattoo once, he said it would be $100 extra automatically for the exact same tattoo if i put it on neck in lieu of any place else on the body.

Overall neck is not a good place for a first tattoo. Get someplace concealable, and if you find you want more as time progresses, move to your neck/arms. Start concealable first though trust me.

Plus itll be painful there. Perhaps somewhere on your back/abdomen?

Ruth asks…

Need help Hiding a tattoo .. !!?

I want to get a tattoo in back of my neck like small letterings any suggestions of hiding it ? Or can I put makeup over it to hide it ? Or probably like a cute design on the side of my belly ? How could I hide that I want tattoos but my grandparents won’t let me and so I live with them I live under there rules any help ?

Vanessa answers:

Have a tattoo behind your ear.
Either a little heart or a star. It’ll look extremely cute.

It would look super good with a messy bun.

And your grandparents won’t never notice it unless you had your hair up.

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