Your Questions About Filipino Tribal Tattoo Designs

William asks…

filipino tribal tattoos?

im thinking of getting a filipino tribal tattoo on my arm. my mums from the visayas (northern samar) to be exact, and i was thinking of getting a traditinal visayan tribal tat. does anyone know were i could find some designs?
if you got some experience or if you know what im talking about could you help us out?
im know im probly gonna have 2 have the tattoo done there, coz i heard that each patterns are speacial with every line having a specific meaning to tell a story about where you came from. also my father has heavy spanish ancestry. any ideas on how i could incorporate that into my tattoo since i want this tat to show where i came from.

Vanessa answers:

Cool idea. Here are some resources for you.

Mark asks…

Know any tattoo artists in San Francisco who tattoo w/ parental consent?

Particularly ones who are familiar with the Filipino tribal designs.

Vanessa answers:

You would have to call, but I’m pretty sure even with consent it’s illegal to be tattooed or pierced in CA under 18. Even if it isn’t, most reputable artists won’t tattoo a minor even with consent.

Just wait, a year goes by faster than you think.

Sandra asks…

How do you pick a TRIBAL tattoo? Please answer 10 POINTS to best answer?!?

I’m half filipino and I want to get a tattoo to represent my filipino heritage. I want it to either be alibata or a tribal (i’m leaning towards tribal) I was wondering how tribals are made, like how do you come up with designs etc. I like surfing so waves would be cool, i train in martial arts so warrior stuff and I love humor/laughter. Does anybody know how tribals work? does the artist make up the designs or do they have pre-made designs? Do they customize to your interests or do you pick from a swatch? I like this guy’s tribal but it represents a kid and i don’t have a kid but something along these lines:

jalen looking at himself

please tell me everything you know about filipino/island tribals!
thanx in advance.
so you have to be a member of a filipino tribe to get a tribal? dang it! Does it mean anything that I was raised by a filipino and half my family is filipino?

Vanessa answers:

Go on Myspace or a site like that and look for tattoo artists in the Philippines. You can look at their work and get ideas. Or message them and see what they say.
If you go to a good artist they can customize one for you. But you should have a general idea of what you want, so they have something to work with.
And of course you don’t have to be in a tribe to get a tribal tattoo! If that’s what you like, you should get it!

Susan asks…

filipino tattoos?

anybody know where i can find tattoos of the philippines that is not tribal? Id accept a design that is both, Im lookin for some good designs for a tattoo. im filipino american so if anybody got any ideals im free to take it up.

Vanessa answers:

The best thing for you is to do research on Filipino tattoos before you decide to get one. The WORST thing is to copy another artists work (Finding a pic on the internet then going to a tattoo shop and saying I want this just like this) be original, get your own art.

I have my mothers name in baybayin, ancient filipino script and sampaguita, filipino flowers on my wrist. Check out for some ideas but remember, never copy someone elses work…
Filipino flag and sun are always good ones in your own way though…

Good luck
Pinoy richie

Sandy asks…

philippine tattoo shops?

preferably in manila,
reasonable price,
good artist,
good in designing tribal wolf

Vanessa answers:

Call 09063163009 look for edge

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