Your Questions About Custom Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sharon asks…

Can tattoos go over scars even if there raised?

I used to self harm so I have scars on both my arms, I want to a tattoo sleeve from my wrist to my elbow on both arms. Some of my scars are flat but others a raised, can I still get tattoos over them? I know the tattoo artist and he is really good with custom tattooing, if I gave him this themes light and dark or weakness and strength do you think he could go off that to design my tattoos?

Vanessa answers:

Diana is right, if the scars are old enough/have healed enough then you are fine to tattoo over them. What I would say is check that your tattooist has actually had experience tattooing over scars, because if they are raised then they up the difficulty of keeping the lines true.

Here is a pic of my tattoo that I have over some scars. At the bottom of the tattoo is an example of the kind of scar it is over.

Helen asks…

What is your opinion of this article: how some people who can’t afford insurance, can afford things like?


The following items were commonly seen on patients or carried by their dependent children, who were also covered by subsidized programs:

* Cell phones and “BlackBerry” PDAs, including just-released models with a price tag of $400, plus an ongoing monthly service fee of $65-$150
* iPods and portable DVD players
* GameBoys and handheld electronic games
* Artificial fingernails requiring maintenance every two weeks at a cost of $40-$60 per salon visit
* Elaborate braided hair weaves, $300 per session plus frequent maintenance
* Custom-designed body art, including tattoos covering the entire torso, neck and arms, as well as body jewelry piercing every skin surface imaginable-and a few unimaginable ones. Custom tattoo work, particularly the “portrait-type” and “half sleeve” art popular in this area, runs from $100-$300 per hour and can require up to 20 hours of work, depending on the complexity of the design.


I encountered patients who gladly paid upwards of $1000 in cash for laser hair removal treatments. The paperwork filled out during their initial consultation asked them to indicate whether or not they had health insurance.
Several hair removal patients reported being covered by Medi-Cal, the government funded health coverage for California ‘s low-income population.
A friend of mine sells private health insurance plans. He told me of the 39-year-old father of two whose family was quoted a monthly insurance premium of $250.

“Are you kidding?” he said, refusing the coverage. “That’s almost as much as my boat payment!”

Does this come as a surprise to many of you?

Vanessa answers:

While Obama was preaching “Personal REsponsibility” to the students because of a 30% drop out rate (mostly among inner city) he preaches and pushes for government responsibility because less than 15% “can’t” afford health insurance.

If those uninsured have 2 adults smokers in the house, each paying $80 a week for a carton of cigarettes, that’s $160 a week — or, $800 a month.

Chances are, they have their phone, cable and internet bundled at another $200 a month (includes a couple of movie channels).

And a cell phone for each of them plus the kids, at another $100 a month.

Probably driving a car less than 10 years old — most likely leased at $360 a month (x2 for an whopping $720 a month).

Probably eating out at least three times a week while at work — $8 a meal, x 2 = 16 x 3 = $48 a week x 5 = $600…

All totaled, we’re talking $2820 a month out the window. But they can’t afford health insurance…

It’s all a matter of what’s important to you and how you choose to spend your money. What good is choice without consequence?

Thomas asks…

Do you like my tattoo i just designed

Okay i have this on my arm already and i’ve been thinking about what to add to it then i had a dream .. so i woke up about 20 minutes ago and custom made this through like 6 different pictures …

that was version 1 … next is version 2 which i think i like a bit more

it definatley has alot of meaning behind it .. but i have this tattoo .. are there just too many birds or will it mesh really well into the full sleeve that i want

Vanessa answers:

I actually think its a good idea, but i think the guy should be redesigned, besides that im not sure how good text meshes well with a sleeve anyway, well at least not like longer sentances and stuff, but if you had somkind of almost solid background it would work pretty good. Very creative.

Oh and don’t even bother listening to most ppl on here that probably don’t even have but 1or 2 tattoos and it probably is a dumb tribal tattoo or barbwire around the bicep… Yeah not the kinda ppl to ask advice about tats from, lol.

William asks…

Tipping and paying for my tattoo?

I’m getting a half sleeve that is being custom drawn up for me using the material I gave the artist. I know I’m supposed to pay him each time I have a session (he thinks it’ll be about 9-10 hours to complete), but should I tip him at each session to keep him sweet?

Should I pay him for the drawing he designs for me or just assume he’ll include it into the final price?

I’d rather ask these stupid questions on here than look like a cock in the shop and have a pissed off artist…
I also live in the UK so I’m not sure if tipping is as expected as it is the US…

Vanessa answers:

I think you should tip at the first session and on the ast session. Only tip on the first session if you feel that everything is going as you requested and then tip on last session as long as the finish product is what you want.

John asks…

what is this design called?

I love this design, have loved it for years, would LOVE to get a small tattoo of it, but don’t know what its called. can anyone help?
its the design in the middle of the tshirt.,r:24,s:203&biw=1366&bih=705

Vanessa answers:

It’s a fleur-de-lis:)

Hope this helps!

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