Your Questions About Black And White Henna Tattoo

Joseph asks…

is it possible to have a colored henna tattoo? (from what I know henna tattoos are only black and white)?

Vanessa answers:

Hennas are brown?

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know where I can find more pictures of this girls tattoo?

I love this girls tattoo. She is laying on the ground topless with black and white gloves covering her chest, short blonde hair, a green studded belt on, and the ground is graffitied. She has a black swirl/tribal tattoo on her right side. I want to get a henna tattoo similar to this but I want to see what the rest of her tattoo looks like because I LOVE what parts I can see. Here’s a link to the photo, maybe someone else can find the original destination or who this girl is.

Vanessa answers:

That’s totally cute. You should have someone design something for you thats close to this.

Jenny asks…

Anyone know anything about Henna tattoos?

1) Can u buy the kits in a store and if so what store?
2) Any good sites to buy them online?
3) Does the color henna‘s work well? (yes they have colored henna in basic colors though: white, black, purple, red, blue, yellow, organge, green)
4) How long does a typical henna last for??
5) Any extra info about them??

Vanessa answers:

1-buy from a henna store, not a book, craft or hobby store
2-I love this store
because the henna is so good and the kits cost less than book stores etc.
3-henna only comes in one color-all the other stuff is not henna at all
4- they last longer on feet and legs and hands and arms than face and torso. Say 7-10 days ususally
5-stay away from fake henna-it can be dangerous to your health

Helen asks…

How can I make temporary tattoos without the use of henna?

My friends use a black conditioner and that white thingey used in hair dyes. Is that good enough? how long does it last?
what should I use? the creme developer or the conditioner?

Vanessa answers:

Why not try temptu?

Sharon asks…

[white and coloured ink ]i want a tattoo but i dont want it to last forever?

no henna something that will last for maybe 3 years?
i dont mind the cost
but i was wondering will white ink last that long?
im not exactly pale but im not black, i have a bit of spanish in me and i tan easily

i was also wondering can i get a tattoo of just colour? like a faint coloured one? i dont really want black in it cause i heard it goes green over time…

oh… and how cool is this?!

Vanessa answers:

You want a tattoo that doesn’t last forever?

I want a bank account that never runs out of money.

I don’t see either of us getting what we want anytime soon.

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