Your Questions About Ankle And Foot Tattoo Designs

Steven asks…

Is the inside of your foot just under your inner ankle before your heel tattooable? Also *see inside*?

I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for a while. But I’m only 18 years old so I have my whole entire life to get one if I still want. But I was thinking of getting the comedy tragedy masks on that part of the foot very small.
As I’m sure you can guess based on my design choice, I am an aspiring actress so I would need a very easily hideable place and such. I am still looking to put off getting one, obviously because of my choice of career and my age, but I’m just looking for input now so I can see if I can stick to the same idea for a few years.
What do you guys think about
1. the tattoo placement
2. hideability
3. anything else

Vanessa answers:

Anything that’s skin is pretty much tattooable.. Are you sure that’s the tattoo you want? Nothing custom or anything maybe you can get an artists to draw you one with your name all different and badass…you want something unique, not just something everyone has.

Mandy asks…

Need info on Foot Tattoos?


Im designing my next tat and I am thinking that I will be placing it on my ankle and going down along my foot.
Just wondering what are ppls expeirences with foot tattooos, what they think doesnt look good there, pain ratio (already have one on lower back and on back of neck) and any other general opinions on them.


Vanessa answers:

I got rosary beads around my ankle and a cross with it on my foot, i love it, it hurt like hell when the needle hit the little bones on my foot.i also got a tat on the back of my neck sort of hurt the same so u should be right. If ur feet are exposed to heaps of sun just make sure u put sunscreen on it evryday to keep it fresh. And ankle n foot tats look hot when u wear heels!!!

Mary asks…

I really want a Harry Potter Tattoo?

What design should i get?. and i want it either on my ankle or foot :) thanks.

Vanessa answers:

If you want to get a quote, this one is one of my favorites: “But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” – Dubledore

Laura asks…

when you think of wolves what else comes to mind?

i will be getting a tattoo that has to do with wolves soon and need help thinking of what to add. i will have the heads of two nuzzling wolves on the outside of my ankle but i cant think of what intricate designs i can put around them and down my foot.. what can you think of that ties to wolves? and dont say obvious things like the moon unless you can think of a design to cover the top of my foot and stuff. thanks!

Vanessa answers:

Loyalty, Strength, courage, empathy, strong family ties, in-group communication and co operation resourcefulness of the pack or lone wolf, the outsider, protectivness, intelligence, strong willed, persecution, misunderstanding, the spirit of the wild, the wilderness

Wolf as a totem, teacher/spirit guide

These are the things wolf brings to mind for me

Carol asks…

I can’t find design I’m looking for! Any help?

I really want an anchor tattoo on my foot or ankle and I have looked everywhere but they all are quite manly and over detailed.
I want something authentic and old school with quite a simple design. If anyone knows any good site please let me know!!
Thanks in advance!

Vanessa answers:

Look in tattoo design books at tattoo shops

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